Gi-7b's for 6 meters 

Some time ago got the hots to run more power on 6 meters.  Initially I thought about running a pair of 4CX250B's, and actually started the project.  Progress lagged as I began to think about providing screen and bias voltage.  I remembered that K5QE had suggested using Russian tubes and investigated that possibility.  It soon became apparent that this was the way to go.  I have plenty of drive from the FT-920, and the 2 KV at 1 amp from my power supply is a nice match to Gi-7b's.  I abandoned the pair of 4CX250B's for the GI-7b's and was off and running.  The project is still in progress, but I will post here the ongoing results of the project.  Below are some pictures showing the initial efforts on the amplifier.


August 2009 UPDATE

After several years of having some of my other projects, along with a number of major Honey-Do's, get in the way of completing this amplifier, I wound up with commercially made amplifier using a pair of 3-500Zs and running around 900 watts output.  This amplifier got a bit farther in the construction phase than shown here.  At this time (August 2009) I run around 500 watts output on 160 meters using four 811As, and really need more power on that band, so I will see what is necessary to convert this amplifier project to 160 meters.  Stand by for news!

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