Bird NestCam  

The Equipment I use to view the bird's nest
and broadcast the video online.

 My computer is a Dell 8200 Windows XP Pro, 768 RDram, 80 gig hard drive, 2.0 Pentium, GeForce Ti video card.

My internet connection is Suddenlink Communications Cable modem, speed is supposed to be 6MB download 256kbs upload, I get half of that. I use the webspace provided with the internet package that Suddenlink offers it customers for free.

One camera is a cheap wireless pinhole camera that is small enough to fit inside of a golf ball. It's outstanding except for the fact that it doesn't do well in low light situations. The quality isn't the best but it is small enough to get really close to the nest and not be distracting to the birds.I paid $29.99 for it on Ebay.

Another camera I use is an old analog camcorder that was not in use. It uses the small tapes that you have to put in an adapter to play in a standard VCR. It's not worth $20.00 but makes an outstanding webcam.

The next camera I use is a Wisecomm infrared low light camera. It is an infrared low light camera. It comes with a 100' cable and is very small. It will give you a picture in total darkness so I have at least one camera that can view the nest at night. It also has the audio ability to record sound. I purchased it at Sam's Club for $39.99.

Since my GeForce video card won't accept an incoming video signal except the PC monitor I have a Dazzle Digital Video Creator purchased at Radio Shack that converts my RCA plugs of the Camcorder to USB. $69.00 a few years ago, cheaper now?

I run one camera through a Hauppauge WinTV-GO TV Tuner PCI Video Capture Card 4 PC. You can hook your TV cable into it and watch TV right on your computer. It also accepts an RCA plug for the bird cameras. I paid $17.95 on Ebay.

My last way of getting video into my PC is the best, I have a Canon ZR45 Mini-DV camcorder that is digital, it accepts RCA plugs that old analog cameras have, but the difference is that it converts the analog image to digital and transfers it to my PC through a firewire port (Firewire Card $7.95 on Ebay). Not only is the size of the picture twice as big, it is twice as sharp as the original analog picture. So I can run any camera that I have through that Mini DV camera and it has better picture quality.

To get the video of the nests onto the internet for viewing I use the great software WebcamXP. It has a ton of features from video capture, email alerts, motion detector and video server, (to just name a few) for allowing your webcam to be viewed online.

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