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cambarus j. dubius

Most of the year, when bird nesting season is over, I have an infrared camera pointed at a wild crayfishThee Robin eggs. burrow. The type of crayfish is a cambarus j. dubius it's an orange-red colored crayfish that lives in a burrow in this area.

The cameras to the left vary throughout the year, depending on the season. Winter means no wild bird nests and the wild crayfish usually cover over the opening of their burrow.

Crayfish movie clips from the burrow.
    Fight2    Food1    Food2    Food3

Activity1    Activity2    Activity3

Shrew    Leaf    Young Crayfish

Plugging the burrow    Newt Visiting

New Hole    Cray Killer

Activity4    Activity5

Activity6    Activity7    Activity8

Outstanding website for all things Crayfish!


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