Using inexpensive cameras, webcams and software to make your PC a security center, wildlife observatory.


Camera 1 example

Camera 2 example
Camera 3 example
Equipment Description

I have several cameras that I have used that is very inexpensive and have had great success with them.
I have purchased them through Wal-mart, Sam's Club, Ebay, Newegg, etc.

Camera examples:
1. Wireless Pinhole camera. (Cost me about $25 on Ebay)
2. Wired infrared night camera. (Cost me about $40 from Sam's Club)
3. Old camcorder (Have used and purchased old Palm camcorders for $25 -$40 on Ebay)

Receivers to input into PC:
1. Pinnacle Dazzle Digital Video Creator. (Turns a traditional Audio - Video RCA plug from a camcorder or any other analog camera into USB digital plug to transfer signal into your PC. Cost me $20 on Ebay.)
2. TV Tuner Card. Adding a TV tuner card to your PC will allow you to convert RCA camera signal into your PC and will also allow you to hook up a VCR or TV coaxial cable to watch TV on your PC. Cost me $20 at Newegg.

1. WebCamXP. I currently use this software. It will allow you to watch a camera on your PC live. Allows you to watch the camera via a web browser from anywhere away from home. Allows you to set motion detector and capture movement and store it on your computer as a security camera. It will also allow you to email those captured motion pictures to alert you. It can upload pictures to a web server for you and automatically delete old pictures if you wish. It has a lot of features that I won't be able to fully describe, a visit to their website will.

2. There is a lot free webcam software available. If you do a Google search (at the top) you can find a nice free tool to view your cameras and you might be surprised at what goes on around your home while you are asleep or away.

For a complete description of how I have used this type of cheap equipment on an older PC visit my more in-depth web page here.