Pictures From 2008

May & June Birthday lunch at Beau-Tea Full Moments Tea Room, May 30

The cake for the birthday girls!

Barbara, DeAnn & Lee

Bonnie, Barbara, Janet & Jean

Kay, Carolyn & Norma

Lois, Bonnie & Chris

Mary Lou, Libby & Dorothy

Norma & Jill

Peggy & Peggy

Peggy, Sue Ann, Teenie & Eleanor

Jill, Norma, Barbara & Kay

Peggy, Teenie, Eleanor, Sue Ann & Lee

Sue Ann, Lee, Jill, Norma, Barbara & Kay

Logan's Roadhouse, June 2

Sue, Kay & Sherry

Sue Ann, Lee, Teenie & Carolyn

Sherry, Barbara, Bonnie & Shirley

Jill & Sue Ann


Gary, Carolyn, Bill & Harry

Jim, Woody, Ed & Bill

Barbara is the girl with the cookies

Huck Finn's, June 18

Bonnie, Norma & Sue Ann

Brownie, Bill, Sue Ann, Bonnie, Norma, Harry & Jim

Jill & Bill acting a fool

Norma feeding the ducks & geese

Fourth of July Breakfast at the church

Sue welcoming everyone

Cooks Carl, Gary, Calvin & Clark

Cooks Gary, Denver & Woody

Ron manning the pancake station

People going through food line

Carl & Harry at the food line with Daryl going through & Bill in front

Everyone eating

Allison & her oldest

Bill, Chris, Sue Ann & Teenie

John, Mary Lou, Caregiver, & Libby

Leonard & Daryl enjoying their breakfast

The Lucas family, Sue Ann & Teenie

Birthday Party at DeAnn's & Bud's for DeAnn's Birthday, July 14

Brownie, Sherry, Woody & Carl in the kitchen

Bill & Jill on the deck

Bill, Jim, Harry & Gary's back


Bud, Jan & Mary Ellen

Roger, Ron & DeAnn

Carl & Brownie

Chris & Norma

Chris, Teenie, Olivia & Courtney

Don & Woody

Ed & Judy

Eloise & Barbara

Ernie & Ed

Gary & Doc

Gene, Libby & Teenie


Mary Louise, Libby & Eloise

Courtney & Olivia

Phyllis, Lois & Bonnie

Shirley, Carolyn & Karen

Sherry pinched her finger helping clean up

Sue Ann



Mini & Tinkerbell

Mini on the swing

Libby & Carolyn with Sofie

Picnic at Roadside Park, September 8

The St. Albans Bridge from Roadside Park

The Pizza Table thanks to Bill & Teenie

Barbara & DeAnn

Bill & Jill

Bill & Lamona

Carl, Harry & Bill

The 3 Stooges: Don, Bill & Ernie

Emma & Doc

Ernie & Lois

Judi & Gene

Karen, Bonnie & Jim

Woody & Ron

Kay & Phyllis

Lee, Elois, Lamona & Bill

Lee & Libby

Ron & DeAnn giving directions

Sherry, Carole Ann, & Karen

Sue Ann & Sherry

Teenie & Carolyn

Woody & Gary


White Elephant Auction, November 1

Elois, Kay & Carolyn waiting for the fun to begin

Sue Ann, Sherry & Phyllis

Bill talking to Brownie, Doc & Teenie

Sue & LaMona

Norma & Karen seem to be really involved in some serious discussion

Barbara, Katie & Sharon with Gary & Woody in the background

The whole group doing what they do best--eating!

The "Old Biddees" know the rules, but Harry has to explain them to the "New Biddees"

This isn't saying Harry is a "Fossil", just one of the items up for bid

Carole Anne with 3 of her 5 phone books she just won

Ed wondering if Lee is his "better" half. Some mask, Lee

Lee with the "One Eyed, One Horned, Flying, Purple People Eater" which actually plays the song

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