Thomas Garland Tinsley
1788 - 1859

Thomas Garland Tinsley b.12/30/1788 d.9/14/1859, son of Col. Thomas Tinsley and his wife Susanna Thomson married first Harriet Washington Bryan b.7-24-1803 d.7-13-1841 on Nov. 21/23, 1820. Harriet W. Tinsley is buried in the Tinsley cemetery as is Thomas G. Tinsley. (NOTE: The document providing this information was written by Jennie Gaines Tinsley with the help of Fannie Taliaferro Tinsley, my Aunt 'Gee' and 'Fanny'. They were sisters of my fathers mother, Harriet Bryan Tinsley. The last date noted was 1922.)(Some additional information regarding who was buried in the Tinsley cemetery and some missing dates was supplied by Hilliary Turner of Richmond.) Thomas and Harriet had 4 children:

  1. Thomas Tinsley b.10/8/1825 died single 7/14/1873.
  2. Harriet Bryan Tinsley b.9/18/1828 d.3/5/1903 m. Jacquelin P. Taliaferro on 1/25/1849. They had 4 children:
    • Thomas Garland Taliaferro b.10/15/1849.
    • Fannie Tinsley Taliaferro b.2/5/1852 d.12/18/1865, buried in Tinsley cemetery.
    • Jacquelin Tinsley Taliaferro b.9/4/1855.
    • Bryan Taliaferro b.10/2/1862.
  3. Alexander Tinsley b.11/22/1832 d.11/16/1911 or 1912 m. Dare Parran of Shepherdstown, West Virginia. They had 5 children:
  4. Seaton Grantland Tinsley, b.8/13/1836 d.1/1/1901 m. Fannie William Gaines on 5/2/1860..

Thomas Garland Tinsley married second Patsy Rutherfoord b.8-18-1808 d.5-4-1873 on Nov. 24, 1842. Patsy is buried in the Tinsley cemetery as is Augustus S. Rutherfoord 1811-8-10-1875, Patsy's brother ???. They had 1 child:

James Garland Tinsley b.8/30/1843 d.12/13/1920 m. 2/26/1867, Martha (Patty) Winston Jones, daughter of Laney and Martha Jones of Hanover County. She was born 5/30/1843 and died 8/12/1911. They had 8 children. Use the link for James to view his descendents.

Tombstones for Thomas Tinsley & Harriet Bryan Tinsley

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