Much of the data I had from several different sources showed a line of progression through Thomas Tinsley I, Thomas II, Thomas III, Thomas IV and Thomas V. I am ready to concede that this is not true. There are entirely too many Thomases and the whole matter is confusing. Between Joe Downing . and Maria Rippe I am ready to show the following line for my ancestors. (As a matter of record the major disagreement is Thomas I and Thomas II are out and John Tinsley is in. Also, Thomas Tinsley III married Frances Bickley instead of Mary Unknown. Jennie Gaines Tinsley data shows that the Thomas Tinsley that married Frances Bickley (Brickley) was the son of Cornelius Tinsley, 3rd child of Thomas Tinsley I. Another somewhat major disagreement is the children of Thomas Tinsley III (whoever his wife was), agree except for John Tinsley who married Sarah -- I had no record of him.) Even though Thomas I and II are gone I am leaving the IV and V for these Thomases.  Data I show in parenthesis, ie., (Garland) means Rippe does not confirm this. Also Bold indicates a change.

DATA SHOWN 'GENERALLY' AGREES WITH THE INFORMATION IN MARIA RIPPE'S BOOK, The Tinsley Family of Totomoi - Hanover County Virginia, 1755-1920. Maria Rippe is descended from James Garland Tinsley's 3rd child, Martha Winston Tinsley.  Martha's 7th child was Maria Boswell Alsop and her only child was Maria Boswell Wornom who married Peter Rippe.  My line is through Seaton Grantland Tinsley and Fannie Gaines, so we are both descended from Thomas Garland Tinsley.

John Tinsley married Unknown and had issue: *

  1. Thomas Tinsley (III) 1705- 1761 married Frances Bickley in 1726 b.1-31-1709. Frances was the dau of Joseph Bickley and Sarah Unknown. They had 7 children:  *  (* Maria Rippe and her husband start the Tinsley family with Thomas IV)
    1. Thomas Tinsley (IV) 1731-1774 married Agnes (Garland?) (in 1754) and had 5 children: (This is the first line shown in Maria Rippe's Book, "The Tinsley Family of Totomoi" 2009)
      1. Crutchfield Tinsley, d. ca 1774
      2. Col. Thomas Tinsley (V) 9-4-1755 d.12-17-1822 m. 5-30-1782 Susanna  "Susan" Thomson b.12-5-1765 d.7-29-1844. They had 6 children but only 3 lived to maturity.  :Served as a Capt and later Colonel in Militia in Revolutionary War.
        1. (John Thomson Tinsley 3-5-1783 3-16-1784.)
        2. Mary Tinsley b.8-10-1786 d.10-22-1819 m.9-12-1805 David Johnson 1778-1823, son of Thomas Johnson and Elizabeth Hudson. They had 7 children, 2 died young:
          • Thomas Tinsley Johnson b. 1806
          • Lucy Ann Rebecca Johnson 1808-1831m. William Bowe Tinsley.(see below)
          • Peter Tinsley Johnson b 1811
          • William Galt Johnson b 1813 (not shown in my data)
          • Mary Tinsley Johnson b.1819 m. Samuel Greenhow
        3. Thomas Garland Tinsley b.12-30-1788 d.9-14-1859 m. 11-21-1820 Harriet W. Bryan b.1803 d.1841. 4 children by Harriet Bryan:
          1. Thomas Garland Tinsley b.10-5-1825 d.7-14-1873 never married.
          2. Harriet Bryan Tinsley b.1828 d.1903 m. Jacquelin Taliaferro
          3. Alexander Tinsley b.1832 d.1911/12 m. Mary Dare Parran
          4. Seaton Grantland Tinsley b.1836 d.1901 m. Fannie Gaines

          Thomas Garland Tinsley married 2nd on 11-22-1842 Patsy Rutherford b.1803 d.1873

          1. James Garland Tinsley 1843-1920 m. Martha "Pattie" Winston Jones 1843-1911.
        4. Ann 'Nancy' Tinsley b.2-22-1791 d.12-10-1823 .
          1. William Bowe Tinsley 1807-1864, illegitimate son of John Bowe.
          2. Ann Tinsley m.10-8-1818 Seaton Grantland b.6-8-1782 d.1864

          3. Fleming Grantland 1819--1854.
          4. Susan Mary Grantland 1821-1897 m. David Jackson Bailey.
          5. Ann Virginia Grantland 1823-1909 m. Charles Du Bignon.
        5. Harriet Tinsley b.10-26-1797 d.11-6-1803.
      3. Samuel Tinsley 1758-10-22-1833. Third child of Thomas Tinsley IV and Agnes, never married.(Served with Major John Nelso in 'Revolutionary War as an officer. in militia.)
      4. John Tinsley 1760-1/1814 (Fourth child of Thomas Tinsley IV and Agnes Garland) m. Sarah Chapman Austin b.xxxx d.1790 2nd. Mrs. Ann Quarles Washington b.xxxx d.8-1836 (Mrs. Henry Washington). They lived in Tinsley Hall. John and Sarah had 3 children:
        1. Anne A. Tinsley b.4-29-1788 d.1-5-1820 m. 8-20-1804 Thomas Johnson Winston b.10-11-1781 d.12-12-1864 of Hanover Co. but moved to GA. They had 6 children:
          • John T. Winston b.2-4-1806 d.12-29-1854.
          • Joseph Bickerton Winston b.12-25-1807.
          • Sarah A. E. Winston b.8-28-1810.
          • Thomas (I) Winston b.2-19-1813.
          • George H. Winston b.3-5-1815.
          • Mary (I) Winston b.6-23-1817 d.11-24-1844.
        2. Sarah Austin Tinsley 1790-1875 (2nd child of John Tinsley and Sarah Austin) m.2-3-1814 George Diefendorf Hendree 1792-1834. They had 9 children:
          • John Hendree
          • George Hendree
          • Agnes Garland Hendree
          • Susan Hendree
          • Anna Maria Hendree
          • Arthur Hendree
          • Sarah Austin Hendree
          • William Hendree
          • Catherine Hendree
        3. Eliza Pryor Tinsley b.1792 (dau. of  John Tinsley and Ann Quarles Washington) m.7-8-1814 Dr. Joseph Royster. They had 1 child:
          • Sarah Eliza Royster m.5-8-1835 Isaac Samson Tinsley b.11-6-1806 d.10-11-1881. Isaac was a Baptist Minister in several VA Counties. They had 2 children:
            • Sallie Royster Tinsley
            • J. Tinsley
      5. Peter Tinsley b.xxxx d.7-21-1810 (5th child of Thomas Tinsley IV and Agnes Garland) m. 7-12-1803 Maria Brown. They lived in Totomoi and Peter was Clerk of High Court. After his death, Maria married Benjamin Mosby. (My data shows Mariah Brown) They had 4 children:
        1. John Brown Tinsley b.1804 d.1872  m.11-3-1825 Eliza S. Trueheart and they lived near Big Island, VA. They had 2 children:
          • Elizabeth 'Bettie' Tinsley b.8-25-1826 d.9-6-1875
          • Rev. Peter Tinsley b.8-26-1833 d.1-4-1908. Peter was Rector of the Old St. Johns Episcopal Church in Big Lick, now Roanoke, VA. Went to Cincinatti as Rector of Church of Advent.
        2. George Wythe Tinsley b.1806 m.6-18-1828 Julianna H. Trueheart b.1810 in Amelia Co.. d.1860. (my data just shows Wythe Tinsley). They had 7 children:
          • Julia B. Tinsley b.1833
          • Emily Tinsley b.1835
          • Ella Tinsley b.1836
          • Nancy Tinsley b.1838
          • Octavia Tinsley b.1840
          • Wythe Tinsley b.1843
          • Charles Tinsley b.1846
        3. Agnes Anne. Tinsley 1808-1883  m.9-20-1825 Dr.. Daniel A. Penick.
        4. Peter Tinsley b.1810, 4th child of Peter Tinsley and Maria Brown, m. c.1842 Mary Ann Lockett b.1818. They had 3 children:
          • Benjamin Francis Tinsley b.1842
          • Mary E. Tinsley b.1845
          • William W. Tinsley b.1849


    2. Lucy Tinsley b.xxxx d.10-18-1785 (2nd child of Thomas 3 Tinsley and Frances Bickley) married Richard Pickering
    3. Charles Tinsley b.xxxx d.2-1774.
    4. Wyatt Tinsley b.xxxx d.xxxx married Elizabeth Unknown. (My data showed Wyatt but no other data.) Wyatt and Elizabeth had 3 children:
    5. Elizabeth Tinsley b.xxxx d.xxxx (5th child of Thomas 3 Tinsley and Frances Bickley).
    6. William Tinsley b.1735 d.1800 m. 1761 Jane Geese b.1743d.1799. More data available.
    7. John Tinsley b.xxxx d.11-1795 m. Sarah Unknown b.xxxx d.>1795. (This person not shown on Jennie Gaines Tinsley data.) More data available.
  2. Joshua Tinsley b.xxxx d.xxxx m. Unknown and had issue:

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