James Garland Tinsley 1843-1920

James Garland Tinsley b.8-30-1843 d.12-13-1920 (H), son of Thomas Garland Tinsley and his second wife, Patsy Rutherfoord, married on 2-26-1867 Martha (Pattie) Winston Jones, dau. of Laney Jones Jr. (1807-1880) and Martha Ann Watt of Hilly Farm, Hanover Co., VA. Martha Jones was born 5-30-1843 d.8-12-1911 (H). James purchased a home they called "Picquenocque" in about 1880. It was in Hanover Co., VA a few miles north east of Richmond and was used as his main residence in order to be close to his office in Richmond. Upon his death it became the home of his daughter Margaret Tinsley Moncure (Mrs. William A. Moncure). Upon her death it was sold in about 1958. James and Martha had 8 children: (Note: Letters indicate place buried, S=Shockoe Hill Cemetery, Richmond, H=Hollywood Cemetery Richmond N=Nashville, TN, M=Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, SC., W=Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, GA, B=Bronxville Cemetery, Bronxville, NY.)

  1. Sallie Rutherfoord Tinsley b.1-6-1868 d.7-24-1939 (H) m. on 12-18-1889 John Craig Miller b.8-24-1858 d.1-17-1926 (H), son of Matthew Amos Miller and Matilda Ann Fechtig. They had 3 children:
    1. Pattie Tinsley Miller b.2-6-1891 d.1969 (H) m. Charles Sidney Porter 1887-1941 (H). Pattie and Charles had 2 children:
      • Sallie Miller Porter 1916-1920 (H)
      • Clair Tinsley Porter 1922- m. 1st George Ashbridge, no issue. Clair married 2nd Henry Shepherd V b.1920- . Clair and Henry had 2 children:
        • Gay Tinsley Shepherd 1953- m. twice ???. I believe she had 2 children by her second husband, Henry Shepherd H(?) b.1979 and Catherine Tinsley H(?) b.1984.
        • Sallie Van Swearingen Shepherd 1955-
    2. Sallie Rutherfoord Miller b.7-21-1892 d.1971 m. John Rutherfoord Bennett 1892-1935 (M). Sallie and John had 4 children:
    3. John Craig Miller b.7-31-1896 d.1966 (H) m. 1st Frances MacCabe Mason (no issue, MacCabe is maiden name) 2nd Josephine Blair Lee 1902-1967 (H)(Blair is maiden name), no issue.
  2. Thomas Garland Tinsley b.9-21-1869 d.1958 (H) m. on 11-10-1898 Louise Newton McClure 1877-1961 (N) of Nashville, TN. They had 2 children:
    1. Louise McClure Tinsley b.12-11-1899 d.1980 m. James Hale Steinman of Philadelphia, PA. Louise and James had 3 children. Louise married 2ndly, Richard Von Hess on 7-20-1972, no issue.
      • Louise Tinsley Steinman b.11-28-1922 m. T. Peter Ansberry and 2nd S. Rahardja. Louise and Peter had 2 children:
        • Diane Louise Ansberry 1954-
        • Hale Ansberry 1956-
      • Caroline Hale Steinman 1925- m. Thomas Nunan and they had 2 children:
        • Caroline Hale Nunan 1951-
        • Louise Tinsley Nunan 1953-
      • Beverly Randolph Steinman 1934-
    2. Thomas Garland Tinsley b.2-23-1903 d.1994 m. on 9-20-1941 Margaret Patritia McCord 1905- of Haverford, PA. No children.
  3. Martha Winston Tinsley b.8-31-1871 d.6-18-1936 (H) m. Benjamin Pollard Alsop 1869-1947 (H) of Richmond, VA. Martha and Benjamin had 7 children:
    1. James Tinsley Alsop b.9-5-1897 d.1979 m. Dorthory Cecelia Powell b.1901 d.1983. They had 2 children.
    2. Rebecca Temple Alsop b.8-10-1899 unmarried.
    3. Martha Winston Alsop b.10-26-1901 d.1984 m. Harry Justice Warthen, Jr. 1901- and they had 3 children:
    4. Camilla Price Alsop b.4-17-1906 m. Edward Hyde 1905-1981 and they had one daughter:
    5. Benjamin Pollard Alsop, Jr. b.4-10-1910 m. Em Bowles Locker 1916- and they had one daughter:
    6. Henrietta Sinclair Alsop b.12-11-1911 m. Charles Williamson Kent 1905- and they had 2 children:
      • Sarah Williamson Kent 1943- m. Charles Peter Parrish 1935- and they had one son:
        • Charles Kent Parrish 1970-
      • Martha Alsop Kent 1946- m. Edward Leigh Hogshire 1943-
    7. Maria Boswell Alsop b.1-7-1914 m. Marchant Degge Wornom 1913- and they had one daughter:
      • Maria Boswell Wornom 1942- m. Peter Marquart Rippe 1939-
  4. Clair Tinsley b.9-17-1873 d.12-15-1947 (H) m. A. Seddon Jones 1877-1960 (H) of Richmond. No children.
  5. Irene Tinsley b.12-15-1875 d.1954 (H) m. on 4-28-1904 Samuel Rutherfoord Rose 1858-1924 (H) of Richmond, VA. They had 5 children:
    1. Samuel Rutherfoord Rose, Jr. b.2-11-1905 d.3-1-1969 (H) m. Frances Merz Jones. (maiden name Merz) No children.
    2. Irene Tinsley Rose b.6-8-1908 d.12-11-1974, unmarried.
    3. Mary Rutherfoord Rose b.10-7-1909 m. George Riley Mercer 1910-. They had 2 children:
      • Mary Rutherfoord Mercer 1941- m. Allen Mead Ferguson 1937- and they had one child:
        • Allen Mead Ferguson, Jr. 1968-
      • George Riley Mercer, Jr. 1946- m. in 1972 Dale Tatum.
    4. Pattie Winston Rose b.2-15-1916 m. John B. Boatwright, no children.
    5. James Garland Tinsley Rose b.5-18-1917 d.1973 (H) m. Ellen Elmore Turnbull 1925- and they had 3 children:
      • Anne Harrison Rose 1954-
      • Samuel Rutherfoord Rose II 1956-
      • James Garland Rose, Jr. 1958-
  6. Margaret Tinsley b.12-10-1877 d.1954 (H) m. on 6-30-1903 William A. Moncure 1863-1947 (H) of Richmond. They had 7 children:
    1. William Augustus Moncure b.2-11-1905 d.1983 m. Elizabeth Corrigan 1907-1980 and they had 1 son:
    2. Margaret Tinsley Moncure b.2-28-1908 m. Francis Leavell Johnson 1890-1969 (H) and they had 3 children:
    3. James Garland Tinsley Moncure b.2-4-1910 d.1993 m. Mrs. Mary Derby Ayres Daniel 1906-.(Ayres maiden name).
    4. Thomas Rutherfoord Moncure b.10-16-1911 m. Julia Claggett Jones 1915- and they had 3 children:
      • Julia Latane Moncure 1946- m. William Boysen 1946-
      • Janet Rutherfoord Moncure 1948-
      • Clair Tinsley Moncure 1952-
    5. Eustace Conway Moncure b.8-2-1914 d.1993 m. Mary Cox Meade 1920- and they had 2 children:
      • Eustace Conway Moncure, Jr. 1949-
      • Mary Cox Moncure 1952-
    6. Pattie Tinsley Moncure b.7-14-1917 m. Thomas Watkins Drewry 1913-1969 (H) and they had 2 children:
      • William S. Drewry II 1951-
      • Virginia Watkins Drewry 1953-
    7. John Moncure b.4-11-1919 m. Douglas Parker 1925- and they had 7 children:
      • Margaret Tinsley Moncure 1950- m. Richard Conway 1945-
      • Mary Parker Moncure 1950-
      • Alexander Parker Moncure 1951-
      • Ann Rutherfoord Moncure 1953-
      • John Moncure, Jr. 1954-
      • Elizabeth Norfleet Moncure 1958-
      • Thomas Rutherfoord Moncure II 1963-
  7. Augusta Tinsley b.6-15-1881 d.1966 (W) m. John Russell Porter 1880-1950 (W) of Warm Springs, VA. She lived in Atlanta, GA. They had 4 children:
    1. John Russell Porter, Jr. b.6-6-1907 m. Nancy Simpson 1908-, 2 children:
    2. Augusta Tinsley Porter b.6-16-1909 d.1993 m. Fritz W. Orr 1905-1968 (W). Augusta married 2nd ????. Augusta and Fritz had 4 children:
    3. Pattie Winston Porter b.1-25-1912 m. John Pharr Holmes 1905-1960 (B) and they had 4 children:(Pattie m. 2nd Greg Theren ??)
      • Pattie Porter Holmes 1935- m. John Peter Petrou 1934- and they had 3 children:
        • Anne Porter Petrou 1960-
        • Sallie Holmes Petrou 1960-
        • Pattie Tinsley Petrou 1962-
      • John Pharr Holmes, Jr. 1938- m. Jane Bellinger 1940- and they had 2 children:
        • John Pharr Holmes III 1961-
        • Edward Matthew Holmes 1964-
      • Russell Porter Holmes 1939- m. Susan Ackerson Bolles 1939- and they had 2 children:
        • Susan Bolles Holmes 1962-
        • Elizabeth Holmes 1965-
      • James Tinsley Holmes 1944- m. Perry Manning Rodgers 1946-
    4. James Tinsley Porter b.1-15-1922 m. Catherine Hill Tift 1922- and they had 5 children:
      • Catherine Tift Porter 1946- m. Franklin Taylor Branch 1947-
      • Pattie Winston Porter 1950- m. in 1975 Charles Firestone.
      • James Tinsley Porter 1952-
      • Thomas Tift Porter 1956-
      • Russell Tift Porter 1966-
  8. Lenore Tinsley b.2-26-1887 d.9-14-1972 m. The Rev. Dr. Edward Mack, D.D. 1868-1951 (H) of North Carolina and Richmond, VA. Lived in Richmond and Orange, VA. Lenore and Edward had 1 child:

The above information is mostly from a document titled "The James Garland Tinsley Family of "TOTOMOI", HANOVER COUNTY, VA. and "PICQUENOCQUE", HENRICO COUNTY, VA." April 1971, compiled by George R. Mercer of Richmond. Sources are living members of Tinsley family, records of Virginia Historical Society, Tinsley family Bible, tombstones at "Totomoi", Tinsley genealogy chart in the possession of Craig Bennett, Charleston, SC.

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