Seaton Grantland Tinsley 1836-1901

Seaton Grantland Tinsley, b.8/13/1836 d. 1/1/1901, son of Thomas Garland Tinsley and his wife Harriet Bryan, married Frances 'Fannie' William Gaines b.11-11-1836 d.1-27-1921 on May 2, 1860. Seaton worked in a carpet store until the Civil War broke out.  Then he entered the Treasury Dept. of the Confederate Government.   During the latter part of the war he served with General Lee and later surrendered with Lee at Appomattox.  After the war he was appointed assistant or Deputy Treasurer in which position he served for 18 years.  They had 7 children:

  1. Harriet Bryan Tinsley (2/18/1861)(7/1/1897) m. James B. Preston on October 20, 1890.
  2. Jennie Gaines Tinsley (9/13/1863)(died ~1940) (Aunt Gee), never married.
  3. William Fleming Tinsley b.(9/9/1866)d.1927 m. Martha 'Mattie' William Hughes 1867-1926 (daughter of Dr. James Fife Hughes 1833-1916 and Ann Ryals Hughes b.xxxx d.1904 of Clifton Forge) on 4/17/1892. Dr. Hughes was a Civil War Surgeon married to Ann Ryals. William and Martha had 3 children:
  4. Fannie Taliaferro Tinsley (8/14/1870) m. Justin Kenderdine Anderson on February 26, 1895. (Aunt Fanny). They lived in West Virginia and had 3 children:
  5. Thomas Tinsley (1/19/1874)(11/28/1904), lived in West Virginia.
  6. Seaton Grantland Tinsley, Jr.  (5/22/1877) m. Mary Hill on 11-3-1909. They lived in St. Louis and had 1 child:
  7. Samuel Greenhow Tinsley (8/6/1881) m Mary Pindergass.  They lived in Nashville, TN.

Some additional information and the picture of S. G. Tinsley supplied by Ann Tinsley Sutherland 4/06

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Picture of Seaton Grantland Tinsley.

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