Joseph McIlwaine Rhea

Joseph McIlwaine Rhea, son of Matthew Rhea (1755-1816) and Jane Preston (1758- Nov.1800), married Catherine "Kitty" Myers in 1806. Catherine was the daughter of Charles and Annie Case Myers. They had eleven children:

  1. Jennet (Jane) Rhea (1808-1884) married Elkanah Wolford (b.8-29-1806 d.12-18-1842). Elkanah was the son of George Wolford and Catherine Smith. Both were born and died in Sullivan Co., TN. They had five children.
    • Joseph Rhea Wolford 1834-1896 married Sarah Ann Carrigan Walker (1844-1922). They had 8 children.
    • Catherine "Kitty" Wolford 1837-xxxx
    • Margaret Wolford 1837-xxxx.
    • William Owen Wolford (1838-1871) married first Martha Deck and they had two children:
      • Jennet "Jennie" Wolford 1864-xxxx
      • Walter Wolford 1866-xxxx

      William Wolford married secondly Alice Walker (1849-1912) and they had 4 children:

      • Ida Wolford 1873-1955.
      • Thomas Wolford 1875-1960.
      • Charles Wolford (1878-1921.
      • Lulu Preston Wolford 1881-1966.
    • Martha Wolford 1841-xxxx.
  2. Eliza Ann Rhea 1810-1811.
  3. Emma Rhea b.2-26-1811 d.6-11-1887 married Pharoh Riley. They had one daughter:
    • Ann Myers Riley 1837-1879.
  4. Matthew Rhea 1815-1819.
  5. Robert Charles Rhea 1817-1818.
  6. Margaret Rhea b.12-9-1818 d.3-1-1895 married Joseph Hodge and they had 6 children:
    • Robert Bruce Hodge.
    • J. Frank Hodge.
    • Rhea Hodge.
    • Ellen Hodge.
    • Laura Hodge.
    • Anderson Hodge 1850-1917.
  7. Samuel Myers Rhea b.10-18-1821 d.10-17-1840. He is interred in Weaver Cemetery, Weaver Pike, Sullivan Co., TN.
  8. Elizabeth Anderson Rhea 1824-1899.
  9. Eleanor "Ellen" Fairman Rhea b.10-14-1828-xxxx married John Millard 1829-xxxx and they had 5 children:
    • Marshall Wallace Millard 1853-xxxx.
    • Joseph Rhea Millard 1856-xxxx.
    • Janet Rhea Millard 1862-xxxx.
    • Nancy Margaret Millard 1866-xxxx.
    • James Abia Millard 1871-xxxx.
  10. Walter Preston Rhea b.3-12-1831 d.11-9-1897 married in 1858 Sarah Jane Pyle b.9-30-1836 d.10-21-1915. Sarah was the dau. of George Pyle and Pricilla Ann Snodgrass. Both were born in Sullivan Co., TN and died in Fulton Co., AR. Buried in Salem Cemetery, Salem, AR. They had 10 children.
  11. Edmund Rhea- 1834-died young



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