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My connection to GAINES is through Fannie Gaines, daughter of Dr. William Fleming Gaines (1804-1874) and Jane Elizabeth Spindle (1813-1869). Fannie married on 5-2-1860 Seaton Grantland Tinsley (1836-1901). They had seven children. The first born, Harriet (Hattie) Bryan Tinsley married James Brainard Preston (my grandparents).(* My line).

The Gaines family can trace it's lineage to Brychon, King of Wales who reigned early in the fifth century. The earliest known home of the family was in Brecon City, Wales. The name Gaines has a peculiar origin. One David Gam was so called because of a physical defect, a squint eye. His name had been quite an illustrious one, David of Llewellyn, which dated back to Llewellyn the Great, an immortal name in Welsh history. David Gam also saved the life of Henry V on the field of Agincourt in 1415. The name remained Gam for several generations and then it underwent changes in spelling. It became Ganes, Gaynes and finally Gaines. Six members of the Gaines family located in the Virginia Colony prior to 1650.

Gaines Coat of Arms
Gaines Coat of Arms

A cousin sent me this info from a book by Calvin Sutherd, regarding this line of Gaines:(Note: ab means son of and would precede fathers name.)

  1. Einion Sals, residence was near Tettwa Chapel, Brocknockshire, Wales, "not a stone remains." His son,
  2. Hywel, (Hoell ab Gwillm or Howel, The Good), his son,
  3. Llewelyn ab Hywel, his son,
  4. Davydd ab Llewelyn, or David ab Llewelyn or Sir David Gam, died at Battle of Agincourt, France, Oct. 25, 1415. ("GAM" is a nickname which like other Welsh nicknames, is the equivalent of a surname. 'Gam' means squinting. David is said to have married, Gwenllian, daughter of Gwilyn, son of Hywel Grach. Davids daughter, Gwladus, by her second husband, Sir William ab Thomas of Hagan, was the mother of William, the first Herbert, earl of Pembroke. Davids eldest son:
  5. Morgan became the ancestor of the Games of Brecon-shire. his son,
  6. Lien ab Morgan, his son,
  7. John, his son,
  8. Note:There is no positive proof of the above lineage. I believe it is fairly well documented from this point on.

  9. John Games, or Sir John Gaines* 1559-1606 of Newton, County of Brecon, Wales, from whom the Gaines family in Virginia descended. John had 6 children.
    1. Catherine Gaines
    2. Elizabeth Gaines
    3. John Gaines
    4. Walter Gaines
    5. William Gaines
    6. Thomas Gaines* who came from Brecon, Wales, to settle in Virginia about 1650. Thomas had 5 or 6 children, Catherine is questionable.

Descendants of Harry (Henry) Gaines

Major Harry (Henry) Gaines* was a member of the House of Burgess of King and Queen County, Virginia. He was appointed trustee of the Pamunky Indians, Feb. 1754. Harry died between 2/1766 and 3/1768. He married Martha Fleming* and they had 6 children that survived:

  1. Harry Gaines II* b.xxxx d.1789 married Elizabeth Herndon* and they lived at "Providence". They had 7 children: (See Harry's Will)
    1. Benjamin Gaines* b.xxxx d.1812 of "Plain Dealing", King and Queen County, Virginia, married Sallie Garlick* b.xxxx d.10-15-1823 on 3-15-1772. Sallie was the daughter of Dr. Camm Garlick (?) and his wife Mary (Pierce) Garlick. Benjamin and Sally had 4 children:
      1. William Fleming Gaines,* M.D., b.6-26-1804 d.5-7-1874 (picture below) married on 12-29-1831 Jane Elizabeth Spindle* b.4-9-1813 d.5-4-1869. Obituary of Jane Gaines. Will of Jane Gaines. (Picture of Jane on the Spindle Page). Dr. William F. Gaines old estate was referred to as "Powhite" and it was located in Hanover County near Richmond. This estate was the scene of the 'Battle of Gaines' Mill, which was one of the important engagements of the "Seven Days Battles of Richmond" in 1862.
      2. Dr. William Fleming Gaines

        About May 1, 1862, Yankees moved in and took over the Gaines homestead for about 6 weeks. They used their land to launch a hot air balloon called the Intrepid from which they observed the evacuation of Richmond, wagon trains crossing the Mayo's Bridge. Those present at the house at the time were: Dr. and Mrs. William Fleming Gaines (Jane Elizabeth Spindle Gaines), both of whom were about 60 at the time, along with their daughter, Mrs. Seaton Grantland Tinsley (Fanny William Gaines) who was in her early 20's at the time, and Fanny's daughter (my grandmother) Harriet Bryan Tinsley who was about 1 year 3 mo. old at the time, along with some negro slaves, Mary, Toler, Uncle Anthony and some others. Mr. Seaton Grantland Tinsley was in Richmond and had a position in the treasury department. When Jacksons army arrived they fought in Mechanicsville and then at Gaines Mill. The confederates drove the Yankees back. The complete story can be found at this link including a picture of Yankees preparing to launch the balloon Intrepid.
        William and Jane had 2 children:

        1. Sallie Garlick Gaines b.10-1-1832 d.1-30-1906 married William Gaines b.5-5-1835 d.8-27-1914 on 11-29-1855. They had 6 children:
        2. Fannie William Gaines* b.11-11-1836 d.1-27-1921 married Seaton Grantland Tinsley* b.8-13-1836 d.1-1-1901 on 5-2-1860. (Another source shows Seaton died May 1874 and Fannie died 1-27-1891) They had 7 children. See Seaton Grantland Tinsley.
      3. Mary Ann Gaines m. Richard Gaines (son of Robert Gaines and Mrs. Jennings.) They had 5 children that survived to adulthood:
        • Ellen Gaines m. Mr. Robinson of Petersburg.
        • Sallie Gaines m. Mr. Sutton and they had 3 children:
          • Nannie (?) Sutton.
          • Jimmy (Jenny ?) Sutton.
          • Richard Sutton.
        • Susan Gaines m. Mr. Stubbs.
        • Lucius Gaines m. Mr. Foster of Petersburg.
        • Marcus Gaines consul to Tripoli.
      4. Myra L. Gaines m. George K. Carlton of "Carlton's Store", King & Queen Co. Myra and George had 6 children:
      5. Sarah Jane Gaines m. John H. Steger of Amelia Co. Sarah and John had 5 children:
        • Lucille Steger m. W. W. Cosby of Richmond.
        • Sallie Steger m. John Hardaway.
        • Nannie (Annie ?) Steger m. Charles Winston, Prof. Physics at Richmond College. Annie and Charles had 8 children:
          • Kate Steger Winston.
          • Annie Winston.
          • Daisy Winston, unmarried.
          • Loulie Winston m. Mr. Montague (?).
          • Charles Winston.
          • Jedder (?) Winston.
          • Peter Winston.
          • George Winston.
        • Roger Steger.
        • Kate Steger m. Edmund Harrison of Richmond and they had 4 children:
          • Janie (?) Harrison m. Dr. Chaekley Hoge (?).
          • Lelia Harrison.
          • Loulie (?) Harrison.
          • Roger Harrison.
    2. Harry Gaines of "Woodlawn", King and Queen Co., married Myra Muse and had 5 children:
      1. Harry Mortimer Gaines died without issue.
      2. Juliet Gaines m. Thomas Carter of "Pampatike", King William Co. and they had 5 children:
        • Julian Carter, killed in the civil war.
        • Robert Carter.
        • Thomas H. Carter, the gallant commander of Carter's Battery of the King William Artillery, C.S.A.
        • Mary Carter.
        • Sue Roy Carter.
      3. Cornelia Gaines m. Thomas Jones Meaux of New Kent & Amelia Co.
      4. Martha Elizabeth Gaines died unmarried.
      5. Sarah Ann Gaines died without issue.
    3. Robert Beverly Gaines of "Belmont" m. his cousin Lucy Gaines, dau. of William Fleming Gaines of "Greenway", King William Co.. Robert and Lucy had 3 daughters, all of whom died young:
      • Sally Gaines.
      • Lucy Gaines.
      • Herndon Gaines.
    4. Elizabeth Herndon Gaines, "Betsy", married Capt. Thomas Miller of Powhatan. They had no issue.
    5. William Fleming Gaines died unmarried.
    6. Martha Fleming Gaines b.xxxx d.1-15-1805 married Robert Baylor Hill b.2-2-1774 d.7-9-1834 of the "Vineyard" on 12-22-1803. Robert was the son of Robert Hill of "Roseville" and his wife Hannah Garlick. They had one daughter:
    7. John Gaines, unmarried, lived at "Providence", lawyer of note.
  2. William Fleming Gaines b.ca1750 d.1797, of "Greenway", King William Co., m. Sallie Garlick, dau. of Samuel Garlick and Mary Camm.
  3. Elizabeth Gaines m. Mr. Clayton.
  4. Robert Gaines of "Whitehouse", King and Queen Co. (Some genealogist list this Robert Gaines as the son of the first Harry Gaines) m. Mrs. Jennings and they had 3 children:(some data shows Robert's wife to be Ushula Gaines ?? Gaines genealogy is difficult because of the destruction of courthouses during the Civil War.)
  5. Mary Gaines m. Mr. Grisley.
  6. Catherine Gaines.

Much of the above information supplied by my cousin Frances Gaines Anderson, daughter of Fannie Taliaferro Tinsley and Justin Kenderdine Anderson and granddaughter of Fannie Gaines and Seaton Grantland Tinsley. Frances spent most of her life in Charleston, West Virginia and is now in North Carolina. Some data noted as notes by Dr. Charles Ryland given to Jennie Tinsley. Data expanded by notes from Karen and Curt.

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