Before you look at any of the computers listed below, I would strongly urge you to read the Classic Computer Collector's Code of Conduct.  While this is not a requirement if you have an interest in classic computers, I feel it is a good guideline for any collector to follow.

Amiga 1000 NEC PC-8201 SILVER Super Osborne 1
Amiga 500 NEC PC-8201a Osborne Executive
Bondwell NEC PC-8300 Osborne Vixen
IBM ThinkPad 500 NEC PC-8401 RS/Tandy 600
IBM Thinkpad 701CS NEC PC-8500 RS/TRS-80 Model 100/200
Kyocera KC-85 Olivetti M-10 RS/Tandy Model 102
Morrow Pivot Osborne 1 (Tan Case) Zenith ZFL-171
NEC PC-8201 RED Osborne 1(Blue/Gray) Zenith ZP-150

DOS and Windows  CE Handhelds

Atari Portfolio HP 95LX HP 100LX
HP Jornada 620LX Poqet PC, Prime, and Plus ZEOS Pocket Personal

Texas Instruments Handhelds

TI CC-40+ TI-95 ProCalc

Palm OS PDA's

IBM Workpad 3COM Palm Pilot Personal
US Robotics Pilot 5000 Palm IIIe Special Edition
US Robotics Palm Pilot Professional Palm IIIxe


TI SR-10 TI-58
TI SR-11 TI 59

As a public service I am now including this link to a file of disk images I have collected over the past few years.  It includes disk images for most of the Osborne series, Bondwell 2, Kaypro series, TI PCIF and TIIF, Epson QX-10, and several others.

The files were created with Teledisk 2.15.  A zipped copy of this is included in the .zip file.  However, there is a movement to convert over to Dave Dunfield's Image Disk.  Until such time as a "standard" is settled on, I will continue with the Teledisk program.

Everyone is free to help themselves to this file and these images.  All I ask is that if you add to the archive, shoot me a copy and I will upload it here.

Hopefully in this manner we can ensure maximum availability of all the disk images for all concerned.


 By the way, this is a constant work in progress.  Check back from time to time and see what else has happened here.
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