The McCain household is now complete.  We have children.  Yes, they're furry and walk on four legs, but they're the most beautiful kids in the world.  Hey!  Would I lie to you?  Okay, then you be the judge.

Here's the vital statistics:

Name:  Lady Abigail Rose (Abby) Name:  One Riot, One Ranger, Lord of Glencoe (Ranger)
Birth date: April 15, 2007 Birth date:  December 8, 2007
Adoption date:  June 23, 2007 Adoption date:  March 2, 2008

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. (aka Ultimate Lap/Companion Dog)  Abby is a Blenheim and Ranger is a Ruby.

We've pretty much determined Abby will never be a perfect lady, but there's still hope for Ranger!  I'll post pictures from time to time so y'all can watch them grow up.

Here some shots of Abby's September 2007 bath.

This is the first picture we got from the breeder.  This pretty much sealed the deal for us!  Personal contact left no doubt

Age: 7 weeks.

Yeah, she has already started on her Glamour Shots career!

Age:  9 weeks

When she concentrates, she doesn't do it halfway!

Age 9 weeks


Now this really playing dirty!  She can lay this look on you at the drop of a hat.  It's supposed to be a Cavalier trait!

Age:  10 weeks

When she plays, she plays hard.  When she sleeps...

Age: 12 weeks

This is pretty much what she looks like at all times.  Big grin on her face.  Unless of course, she doesn't get her way...

Age:  3 months

When I asked Abby what she thought of her cousin Tandy the miniature Schnauzer, this is all she had to say!

Recently, we discovered the perfect toy, an empty coke plastic bottle.  'Nuff said?

When she doesn't understand something, like "NO" this is the look we get!


Well, Abby had her "female" surgery this past week.  Yep, no puppies for this little lady.  After a day at puppy day care she's pretty wiped out and was willing to pose and show off her staples, all eleven of them.

Age:  6 months

It snowed in November and Abby got her first taste of snow.  She's not too sure about this stuff.

Age: 7 months

Fact of the matter is, she wasn't impressed at all with the snow.  She HATES getting her feet washed/dried after a romp outside in the muddy/snowy ground!

Well, we decided Abby needed a playmate/little brother.  So, we've adopted Ranger.  He's a Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Same breed as Abby, just a different color scheme!

When we adopted him on March 2, 2008, he was 12 weeks old.  We've had him for a week as of 9 March and he has pretty well settled in as part of the family.  Abby has accepted him as here best new friend and they are getting along famously.  The only squabble they've had is when Ranger wanted to eat some of the food off his plate when Abby was eating HIS food!  He's more than welcome to eat her food off her plate, just not the other way around!  Go figure.

From what we can tell right now, Ranger will be a little lower to the ground and a bit stockier.  We'll keep you posted.

This is Kathleen with Abby, Ranger, and Riot (Ranger's dad).  Kathleen has her hand on an "aunt" of Ranger's.  Abby "discovered" the puppy and decided he might be a fun squeaky toy!

A close up of Ranger.  Just a hint of white on the forehead, nose and chin.  Ditto, the chest area.

Age:  3 months

And yes, he's all Cavalier and can lay "the look" on you.

A better picture where you can see the white on the chest.

These 2 have buddied up in no time.  They will play until they're both ready to drop.

Even though Abby outweighs Ranger by 10 pounds, he's not timid about taking Abby on.  His favorite target?  The ears of course!

They do eventually slow down a bit and are real good about sharing toys.

Of course, sometimes Ranger wants to keep the toy!

Sometimes he even wins!

Then again, sometimes Abby wins!  Note the difference in size!

Abby is 8 months older than Ranger.

They will even share my lap.  Of course, Abby has to have her "place."

You know, when these 2 are playing, sometimes it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins!

He's a very affectionate little thing.

At the end of the day, they crash and crash hard!


Okay, you've decided you want one just like her.  Well, you can get a pup like we did or you can rescue one.  Cavalier Rescue USA and Lucky Star are the 2 major organizations that rescues Cavs from puppy mills and other places when the previous owner can no longer take care of their dog for whatever reason.

In all likelihood we will be getting another Cav eventually and we're seriously looking at a rescue.

I really like Lucky Star's motto.

Typical Cavalier behavior!

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